Friday, March 6, 2009

Last minute NYC-Barcelona for $200 r/t??? Later in the year under $250! Muy bonito!

I must say that I was starting to become pretty jaded with low fares to Europe. But today I was proven wrong yet again. As reported just yesterday, I stated how I found airfare to places like Italy and Ireland for under $300. Well add the country of Spain, Barcelona in particular, to that list of European destinations that are on sale in an insanely major way.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mexico travelers warned of increased violence & “Miracle” Flight 1549 Towed Through NJ Streets

The U.S. State Department is warning travelers headed for Mexico of a surge in drug-related murder and mayhem south of the border. This news comes as more than 100,000 American high school and college students prepare for spring-break getaways to many of the country’s resort areas. Now while most of the violence has occurred in U.S./Mexico border towns, tourists have not yet been targeted in any of the crimes.

However, there have been killings in the big spring-break resorts of Acapulco and Cancun, which are far away from the border. Many Universities throughout the country, including Notre Dame, Penn State and The University of Arizona in Tucson, have warned students to be careful while visiting Mexico and many colleges have even asked students not to travel south of the border for their week of partying.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Funny airline moments from tv and movies

Hope you are having a great weekend. While browsing YouTube, I came across some great moments in tv & movies related to air travel. While funny, most of us probably have been in a similar situation while flying the somewhat friendly skies. Enjoy!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

LA to Australia for under $700 r/t, Caribbean/South America airfare and Delta deals.

Here are some deals currently going on right now with a few airlines that run out within the next 2 weeks, so you may want to get started on booking your spring or summer getaway sooner than later (since prices will more than likely go up as the weather gets warmer).

American Airlines:
When you fly out of Miami Airport (MIA) this spring, you will be able to get in on some great one-way fares to the Caribbean and Latin America. Here are some sample fares currently advertised through American Airlines:

***Kingston, Jamaica (KIN), $79
***Panama City, Panama (PTY), $79
***Punta Cana, DR (PUJ), $79
***Bogota, Colmbia (BOG), $124

Many more destinations are included and you must book by March 10 for travel through May 28. Check out American Airlines for full information.

Delta: Ending this Monday March 2 is Delta's NYC to Europe sale, which includes nonstop fares to such countries as Greece, Spain, Italy and France. One of the most shocking fares is the NYC-Shannon route for only $290 r/t (with taxes and fees included). Fares are valid March 2-April 2, for more information on this great sale check out Delta.

V Australia: The new Aussie Airline is having an introductory sale to top destinations like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne from Los Angeles for as low as $655 r/t. V also flies out of Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland, OR. This super deal ends March 9 for travel between March 1 and June 15. So make your plans now for a trip down under. Check out V Australia for more information.

An encore for S.C.'s Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just might live to rock and roll another day. After seven years of planning, the $400 million, 55-acre park opened last April to a less than stellar performance. It was the single biggest investment to South Carolina tourism ever. But with gas prices at an all time high and the economy being so weak, the park was shut down by September.

A few months later investors purchased the financially doomed park at auction for $25 million ($10 million less than what the creditors had hoped for). The new owners hope to have the park up and running by Memorial Day at the earliest and plan to use the "Hard Rock" name when doors reopen.

Some of the ways in which the new ownership plans to attract customers is by dropping the admission price from $50 to $40 and to cut the price of an annual pass in half. With the way the economy has crumbled in recent months, there is no doubt that for the Hard Rock Park to reopen and do well, it would have to make it more affordable to the general public.

With the park reopened, this would lead to 750 new jobs, which is great news for the South Carolina area. Hard Rock Park is hoping to draw roughly 750,000 people over the summer (down drastically from the 3 million customers they projected to have in 2008). So if all of this works out, we may be able to have another reason besides gorgeous golf courses and beautiful beaches to visit this great South Carolina destination.

For more information on Hard Rock Park's reopening check out USA Today's article by clicking here.

Planning on being in Myrtle Beach this summer and want to see what Hard Rock Park has to offer? Then head on over to their official website for more information.

Weekly round up: Europe's Rising stars, NYC hotel for under $100 a night???, JetBlue getaways and more.

Another eventful week in the travel business. So I thought today I would catch you up on some of the deals, news, stories and articles that came out this past week.

Jetting for less:
JetBlue currently has a 40% off select getaways that include such destinations as Aruba, Cancun & Nassau. These "beachy keen" deals include 4-star accommodations and nonstop flights from such locales as Boston, New York & Orlando.For more information head on over to JetBlue.

NYC Hotel for $89/night???: Whoa...recession pricing is in full effect with this great deal from TravelZoo and Best Western. The new Bowery Hanbee Hotel, which is located in the hip and trendy SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, is offering a jaw dropping special. For select dates through April, travelers can enjoy a great room for only $89/night! In order to get this low rate you must book with TravelZoo's special code, which is...well..."TravelZoo"...not hard to remember. Click here for more information. Hurry because you must book by March 9.

Luck of the Irish: While not "new" news, it is worth mentioning the current sale and prices that Ireland's most popular airline Aer Lingus currently has on their website. Sales at a stunningly low $199 each way to/from Ireland in the spring and $229 in the summer. Simply amazing considering how expensive flights to Europe were just 8-12 months ago! But Aer Lingus is not just good for flights to the Emerald Isle. In fact they have dozens of European cities at lower than normal prices right now. I booked a 3 week trip to Krakow in June for about 40% lower than the competition. More for information on the Ireland sale click here, to check out all of the other great destinations that Aer Lingus flies to click here.

(Another)Southwest sale: In what seems to be a regular occurrence these days, Southwest is offering a sale. But this sale is unique as it covers all of the airline's destinations. Some of the cities that the low cost airline flies to include New York (Long Island Islip), Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago (Midway) and Seattle. The Nationwide sale has fares that range from $49-$129 one-way. Check out Southwest for more information. Hurry though, this sale ends Monday March 2.

Europe's other great cities: Fodor's has a great article about "Europe's Rising Stars", which includes a look at such amazing, yet sometimes overlooked, cities like Galway, Ireland and Valencia, Spain. These particular cities offer all of the same excitement and culture of their more popular neighbors, but often times To check out the full article, click here.

So much is going on these days in travel. Airfare sales seem to pop up every 7 minutes (or at least it feels that way) and hotel prices are plummeting worldwide. Who would have thought a year ago that you could stay in a nice hotel in Manhattan for under $100/night? Madness. It is safe to say that the term "Staycation" is officially retired. To that I say, GOOD RIDDANCE!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brooklyn's endless culinary options are worth the visit.

Whenever a friend comes to visit New York or I am asked by a reader "what to see" or "what to do" when visiting the Big Apple, I always point them in the direction of that neighboring borough, my hometown, of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn had been known for years as the place where people that could not afford Manhattan prices went to live and play. Now while that is probably more truer than ever before, it is not just fiscal reasons that drive lifelong "Noo Yawkers" or transplants to "Kings County" anymore. This borough is full of culinary wonders!

Drive 5 minutes in any direction and you will wind up in a part of Brooklyn that offers such different cuisine. Greenpoint has home made Polish, Bensonhurst covers old school Italian perfectly and Brighton Beach offers you top notch Russian. Plus landmark locales like Junior's Cheesecake in downtown Brooklyn, Nathan's Famous in Coney Island, Grimaldi's in DUMBO and Peter Luger Steakhouse in Williamsburg will definitely add an extra few inches to your waistline once you are done with Brooklyn.

So the next time you visit the Big Apple, do not forget to check out "that other borough" and if you are in the neighborhood drop me a line...I love free meals.

For more information on Brooklyn, check out their official site: Visit Brooklyn

My favorite Brooklyn restaurants:

Park Slope: Beet (Thai), Al Di La Trattoria (Italian)

Greenpoint: Krolewskie Jadlo (Polish)

DUMBO: Grimaldi's (Italian)

Bensonhurst: Villabate (Sicilian bakery)

Midwood: DiFara's (Italian)

Click here for more on Brooklyn's new culinary movement.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Break out the Dyson...United is cleaning up its act

If you have boarded a United Airlines flight recently and noticed a certain shine to the windows and the aroma of Lysol in the air, it is because the airline is taking the task of keeping their fleet squeaky clean very serious these days.

In an effort to boost customer morale, United is now going the extra mile to clean its planes thoroughly and more often than it had in the past. I mean it is no secret that airplanes are germ infested flying capsule shaped machines with wings. Especially now with airline cutbacks, many passengers are now seeing dirtier planes when traveling.

United Airlines however will make flying the friendly skies much cleaner. The airline is now steam-cleaning as many as eight wide bodied jets a night and a deep cleaning every two weeks. Planes will be sprayed down and washed from floor to ceiling. Seats will be lifted and checked for garbage. Tray tables will get some disinfectant sprayed on them and windows will shine from the Windex treatment. On domestic flights, which have a faster turn around time, United will employ more cleaners to get the job done faster.

Something about a freshly cleaned airline that just makes me all happy inside.