Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Break out the Dyson...United is cleaning up its act

If you have boarded a United Airlines flight recently and noticed a certain shine to the windows and the aroma of Lysol in the air, it is because the airline is taking the task of keeping their fleet squeaky clean very serious these days.

In an effort to boost customer morale, United is now going the extra mile to clean its planes thoroughly and more often than it had in the past. I mean it is no secret that airplanes are germ infested flying capsule shaped machines with wings. Especially now with airline cutbacks, many passengers are now seeing dirtier planes when traveling.

United Airlines however will make flying the friendly skies much cleaner. The airline is now steam-cleaning as many as eight wide bodied jets a night and a deep cleaning every two weeks. Planes will be sprayed down and washed from floor to ceiling. Seats will be lifted and checked for garbage. Tray tables will get some disinfectant sprayed on them and windows will shine from the Windex treatment. On domestic flights, which have a faster turn around time, United will employ more cleaners to get the job done faster.

Something about a freshly cleaned airline that just makes me all happy inside.

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  1. Great article. Damn airlines charge us a fortune and cant even vacuum properly! Nice to see one of them finally cleaning up.