Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A True Blue Promise

JetBlue announced today a program that is starting to become pretty common among major companies in light of so many Americans losing jobs at such a drastic rate in this poor economy.

Similar to the program that car company Hyundai started last month, if you lose your job, you can get a refund without suffering any penalties or fees. Call it a recession proof deal by JetBlue by one of the more customer friendly domestic airlines.

Here is the lowdown straight from JetBlue's website:

The person seeking to cancel the reservation for flight(s) and request a refund under the Program must:

* Involuntarily lose his/her full time job on or after February 17, 2009
* Be aged 18 or older as of February 17, 2009
* Be a traveler on the reservation/itinerary for which a refund is sought; and
* Have personally paid for the travel for which a refund is sought.

Now before you wave your blue #1 giant foam finger in the air, there are of course some exclusions to this deal (I mean they are an airline after all!):

* Excludes corporate bookings, group bookings, Getaways vacation packages and cruises
* Excludes the following forms of payment: Gift Cards, Vouchers, TrueBlue Award Travel, Travel Certificates

For full details of this unique promotion, head on over to JetBlue.

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