Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How low can they go?

Airline prices are drastically dropping left and right for both domestic and international flights on what feels like a daily basis. I mean holiday weekends are not even expensive these days. I checked today on the price of a NYC to Chicago round-trip for this Valentines/Presidents weekend and got back a price of $159 (taxes and fees included). That's madness my frugal friends!

Here are some other delicious deals that you should take a second look at before springtime comes and prices eventually go up.

United has some "draw-droppingly" low deals this Spring. You must book by this Friday (Feb 13) however to lock in the prices. Some of the one-way fares include:

* Charlotte to Chicago, $47
* Denver to Los Angeles, $57
* Washington, D.C. to Miami, $86
* New York City to San Francisco, $107

Click here for more details and fare options.

Another sale that ends this Friday is from American Airlines. They also have tons of routes at prices not seen this low in years. Some one-way fares include:

* Boston to New York City, $47
* New York City to Washington, D.C., $47
* Philadelphia to Miami, $57
* Washington, D.C. to Boston, $67
* New York City to Orlando, $77
* Boston to Chicago, $85
* Washington, D.C. to St. Louis, $87
* New York City to Seattle, $97
* New York City to San Diego, $107

That New York/Seattle route is tempting. But with three trips already planned for '09, I may have to slow down...but oh no tempting. These fares again must be booked by Friday and you must fly by May 13. Blackout dates do apply. Click here for more information.

Flying overseas as little as 6-8 months ago was seen as a real expense and with the dollar so weak against the Euro, it had seemed like the days of U.S. travelers hopping on a last minute flight to Europe was no longer a viable option. But rejoice American travelers, because airlines like Virgin Atlantic are offering stellar deals right now to many of the top European cities. One such deal with Virgin is to London, where fares come in as low as $156 one-way. Check out their website for more deals to Jolly Old England from such cities as Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and more.

There are bound to be more deals coming within the next few weeks. But like I mentioned earlier, they will not last for long and as the weather gets warmer, expect the prices to go higher. Book now for travel later!

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